14 Strategy Board Games like Axis and Allies – Have You Tried These Yet?

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In this article, we've hand-selected 14 strategy board games like Axis and Allies that you're going to love. While they're not all set in the same time period (or universe), you and your fellow players will love the strategic elements of these games.

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Let's get right to the list...

1. Cyclades


Matagot Cyclades


  • Averages 90 minutes of gameplay, which is great for introducing beginners to longer games.
  • Offers great optional expansions if you want to improve gameplay.
  • Game pieces and the cards are illustrated and don’t require any reading, making it easy for younger players to play once the rules have been explained.
  • Without a single path to victory, all players have a fairly equal chance at taking the victory, unlike with other games where the strongest player is apparent from the beginning.
  • Offers plenty of replay value, and adding house rules makes the game easier for new players to enjoy.

2. Inis


  • Perfect for two to five players, game will last about one hour.
  • With the goal of becoming Ireland’s high king, players have to explore territory, lead as chieftain, and prevent opponents from getting cards that provide them with better powers and abilities.
  • Focus on either populating the six territories or try to dominate people who are already living there in your quest to conquer Ireland.
  • Incredibly detailed cards and land pieces are attractive and built to last.
  • Offers a lot of replay value, as players can easily change their strategy in future games and won’t be able to conquer the same location.

3. Kemet


  • Direct conflict between players from start to finish means that this game has very little boring downtime.
  • Doesn’t require as much strategy as other games, as most of the time decisions are made through battle, not through cunning.
  • Setup can take around 15 minutes, but gameplay lasts around one and a half to two hours, making the setup worth it.
  • Sprawling game is a great introduction to larger tabletop games and offers plenty of action, as well as attractive cards and pieces.
  • Players compete as gods who are battling each other, using cards and figures to mark their territory and prove who won a skirmish.

4. Cry Havoc

Cry Havoc Board Game

  • Complete with 54 miniatures, this game has wonderful attention to detail.
  • Features a unique battle resolution mechanism that will keep all players involved interested in the game and the outcome of battles.
  • Set in a Sci-Fi world, this game is perfect for Sci-Fi lovers.
  • Players command one of four factions to try to dominate the others.
  • All factions have varying units and abilities, which means that no game is the same as the ones before.
  • With more than 100 unique cards that feature stunning artwork, this game has fast gameplay, which makes it perfect for introducing new players to this style of board game.

5. Nexus Ops

Fantasy Flight Games Nexus Ops

  • Players compete using 17 map tiles to map their world, almost 100 tokens, and more than 160 plastic figures.
  • Perfect for two to four players who want to raise armies while they hunt for resources.
  • Has optional rules that make it easy to adjust this game’s difficulty to the abilities and interests of the players.
  • With a full set of alternate unit powers, it’s easy to enjoy a different game each time you play without worrying about getting bored.
  • Players have to deploy their troops so that they can explore, gather resources, get new troops, fight and win battles, and try to fulfill missions.

6. City of Remnants

City Of Remnants

  • Requires players to be knowledgeable about resource management and to have a strategy in mind for how to play and win, otherwise it is very easy to fall to opponents.
  • Players have to be willing to get involved in direct conflict while still maintaining power and control over their area.
  • With many different tools at hand, players are able to build up their strength and try to take over the city.
  • It’s not just other players that will make winning difficult, as there is a police force who can ruin plans and change the outcome of the game.
  • All players are gang leaders, but have different motivations and abilities.

7. Fortress America

Fortress America

  • Updated version of the 1986 classic is fresh, has great artwork, but is still the same enjoyable and strategic game that people know and love.
  • Includes 50 cards, 100 markers and tokens, 13 custom dice, and more than 300 figures.
  • The optional variant can be enjoyed by players who are looking for an additional challenge in their game and want to make it a little different than past games.
  • One player plays as the US, while other players are a coalition of governments who are allied together and against the US.
  • Can be played with up to four players, but works just as well with two, as gameplay will be much faster.

8. Conquest of the Empire

Conquest Of The Empire

  • Players work to defend ancient Rome against factions.
  • All players have catapults, cavalry, and infantry that they have to place to begin the siege and protect themselves while attacking others.
  • Combat system is very fast and generally only takes a few rounds of dice to decide the winner.
  • Definite end point of having your Caesar figure be the final one of the map gives players a clear way to win.
  • Includes a lot of strategy, especially when you are trying to decide what type of figures to invest in for attacking and defending.
  • Massive game is gorgeous and has 49 players for each figure.

9. Conquest of Nerath

Conquest of Nerath: A D&D Boardgame

  • Features premium components, such as a high-quality game board and incredible figures.
  • Players have to raise armies to attack enemies, relying on monsters, foot soldiers, dragons, and siege engines.
  • Players are able to plunder dungeons in an attempt to gain treasure and artifact that can be used to help improve their chances to win the game.
  • With 252 pieces that are used to represent the armies, it’s easy to build your army to the size that you need to be able to win.
  • Hidden information on treasure cards makes it difficult for players to guess who will win or to team up on the winner in an attempt to knock them out of the game.

10. Starcraft

RISK: StarCraft Collector's Edition

  • Players choose an alien race and then fight for survival against the others.
  • Perfect for both advanced and beginning gamers, as it is easy to tweak the rules to make it either easier or more difficult to play.
  • Can easily support up to six players.
  • Use the point cards to try to improve your chance of winning, and rely on the skills and achievements that your heroes have to give yourself a bonus in the game.
  • Features, such as the mineral fields, that can be used to improve the value of held territories, and a command center that has to be controlled in order to command the movement of the army set this game apart and improve the strategy required to play and to win.

11. War of the Ring 2nd Edition

Ares Games War of The Ring 2nd Edition, Multi-Colored (AGS WOTR001)

  • 204 figures are included to represent the different characters and armies.
  • Includes 110 character and event cards and two-player aids to make this game more enjoyable and faster-paced if only two people are playing.
  • Takes around two hours to play, which is great for an advanced game night.
  • Players work to hunt Tolkein’s ring bearer and retrieve the ring for their master or can choose to instead crush their enemies by building unstoppable armies.
  • Players can play as a Shadow player or lead the free realms, depending on what side they want to be on.
  • Offers an incredible level of depth that allows players to really immerse themselves in the game, relying on amazing strategy and forethought, and not just hopeful rolls of the dice.

12. Battle of Five Armies

Battle of Five Armies

  • Great two-player game that allows players to enjoy the end of the Hobbit.
  • Players opt to be the Shadow player or the Free Peoples player.
  • Both players are able to control large armies that they use to wage war against each other in an effort to win.
  • Not only are event cards used to help move along gameplay, but this game also relies on action dice, making strategy important, but not the final decision maker in who will come out on top.
  • The “Fate Track” mechanic was designed to trigger special events that both players will have to respond to during the game.

13. Age of Conan

Age of Conan: The Strategy Board Game

  • Strategy board game requires a lot of forethought for players to plan out their moves and to understand how to protect themselves against attacks from their opponent.
  • Players rule kingdoms and are fighting to be the supreme kingdom.
  • By relying on intrigue, armies, and magic, players work to fight, surprise, and spell their way to the top.
  • Not only is the gameplay in this game very fast paced, which will prevent boredom from newer players, but the game itself is beautiful and engaging.

14. Runewars

Runewars: Miniature Game Core Set

  • Players have to control their battle units using innovative command controls that are exciting and intuitive.
  • With 48 incredible figures to paint and customize, it’s easy for the owner of this game to make it their own.
  • Players fight each other using their armies of cavalry, golems, and lancers to try to win.
  • Thanks to the different ways to customize gameplay, this game can be replayed over and over without the same outcome or play.
  • It’s very easy to learn how to play this game, and players can buy optional expansions when they are ready for more challenges and variety.

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