14 Fun College Board Games Like Cards Against Humanity

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If you're looking for fun college board games like Cards Against Humanity, then you've come to the right place. We've rounded up 14 other options that will keep the fun going all night long...

board games like cards against humanity

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The Voting Game

Player Ten The Voting Game: The Adult Party Game About Your Friends

  • Has a number of additional expansion packs that can be bought for expanding the game and making it work with more people.
  • Game is rated for players who are 17+ due to adult content.
  • Great for allowing players to really get to know each other, as they can easily share personal stories after voting on a card.
  • Gameplay will vary depending on who you are playing with, making it a great option for playing over and over.
  • With 160 question cards, the game can go on for as long or as short as you want it to, making it great to kill time or for playing for a whole evening.

WTF Did You Say

WTF Did You Say A Party Game Against All Dignity and Morality Full Game, XL Set of 594 Cards

  • Full game set that doesn’t come with expansion cards.
  • Has 486 white cards and 108 rule cards, which means that there are plenty to be used in even a longer game.
  • Best to play with multiple people as it is more fun, and can even be played with more than a dozen.
  • Game moves relatively quickly due to the nature of how it is played and how much fun people have playing their cards.
  • Not a game for younger children due to the content of the game and the information on the cards.

Drunk, Stoned, or Stupid

Drunk Stoned or Stupid [A Party Game]

  • Has 250 prompt cards to help people start talking.
  • Works well with really large crowds, although it can be fun with a smaller amount of people.
  • Players pick a card, read it aloud, and then people vote on who would be the most likely person to complete the action on the card.
  • This game is a great way to get to know more about your friends and to find out what they really think about you.
  • The player who ends up with the most cards at the end of the game is the loser.
  • Tends to get loud and noisy, making it a fun game to play at a party.

Pick Your Poison

Pick Your Poison Card Game: The “What Would You Rather Do?” Party Game - NSFW Edition

  • Is an adult and NSFW version of “would you rather” games.
  • At least three players play together to try to come up with the most difficult scenario possible when they combine at least two poison cards.
  • All players choose their poison, and then players find out who did and who didn’t.
  • There are 350 poison cards included, making it easy to play this game over and over without ever coming up with the same scenarios.
  • The durable cards are designed to stand up to a lot of play, and won’t fray or wear around the edges.
  • Can be played as a stand alone game or with an expansion pack.

Mad Scientist University

Mad Scientist University

  • Suitable for ages eight and up, which allows people to play a card game with younger family members without offending them.
  • Great game for larger groups, although it can be played with as little as three people.
  • Game takes between 30 and 60 minutes to play, and setup is very fast and easy.
  • The judge for each round decides who comes up with the best plot to help their unstable element, such as squirrels, take over the world.
  • Has a similar voting system as “Cards Against Humanity” as well as the same element of fun without being as inappropriate for younger players.

Bad Medicine

Formal Ferret Games Bad Medicine

  • Players have to work to create advertisements and names for new drugs that are going to cure the malady.
  • Players have to be able to downplay any unfortunate side effects that people taking their medication may take.
  • Perfect for three to eight players, and only takes around 30 minutes to play.
  • The drug formulators and the pitch people don’t communicate, so the person pitching the product is always surprised about what they have to sell.
  • The rules are very easy to understand, and with minimal setup, players can start enjoying this game right away.
  • Allows players to stretch their imagination when planning their drugs.

God Hates Charades

God Hates Charades

  • With 400 cards, it’s easy for players to make a total of 40,000 different scenes to enjoy when playing this game.
  • The fast action, as well as the fun guessing, make it a great party game for adults.
  • Unlike other games that aren’t ideal for larger groups, this can be played by anywhere from 4 to 16 people without getting boring.
  • Features pop culture humor, as well as crude, adult humor that are a fun combination for adults.
  • By drawing actor cards and scenario cards, players have to act out scenes without using any of the words that are printed on the cards.

Spank the Yeti

Spank The Yeti: The Party Game of Questionable Decisions (Adult Card Game / Adult Party Game)

  • For each round, one player has to match up three object cards and three action cards and then the other players try to guess the matches that they made.
  • Players earn points when they guess the combinations correctly.
  • The expansion deck allows for even more fun when playing this game.
  • Contains 436 cards for a lot of different possible combinations.
  • The rules are very simple and easy to understand.
  • Not a good game for young children and should only be played by players 17+.
  • Since everyone takes turns matching up cards, the game moves quickly and will prevent people from getting bored.

Dirty Neighbors

Dirty Neighbors - This Game is Not for You | A Party Game

  • Comes with two answer pads and 270 cards so that it is easy to play lots of games back to back without worrying about people getting bored.
  • Great game to play at parties, and is portable enough to be taken on the road.
  • The instructions are clear and easy to understand.
  • Players can either use the preprinted answer on the card or also have the option to make up their own answers when prompted.
  • By coming up with the funniest response to the prompt cards, players can win a card.
  • First one to five cards wins, and games can be finished quickly, depending on how many people you have playing with you.

Santa vs Jesus

Santa VS Jesus The Epic Party Card Game|Adult Board Games Card Games for Christmas Holidays Party Family Games|Top 10 Best Board Games 2020|Christmas Gift for Kids Children Teens Adult

  • Players are split into two teams and have to compete with each other by completing a variety of different jigsaws, puzzles, building challenges, riddles, and even brain games.
  • By winning these tasks, teams will gain Believers, and the team with the most Believers when the game is over is the one that wins.
  • Perfect for 4 to 16 players, and is easy to scale up or down, as there are only two teams.
  • All players are called by a character name, which is sure to have everyone who is playing laughing by the time the game is over.
  • There are four game packs included, and each pack offers enough gameplay for an hour of fun.

Love 2 Hate

  • This game requires all players to work hard to finish each other’s sentences.
  • The starter player picks a sentence starter card and says if they love or hate the way the group does an action.
  • Other players choose a finisher card to fill in the action that the sentence starter does, trying to come up with the most inappropriate or the funniest option.
  • The winner is chosen by the starter, and the person who wins the most rounds wins the whole game.
  • Since all players have a chance to be the starter, there is very little problem with people getting bored with this game.

Poor Choices

Poor Choices The Game (Adult)

  • Adult only party game that involves nominating other players to complete absurd adventures.
  • Players have to work hard to sabotage other players while still trying to stay in the game.
  • With 504 cards, this game can last for a very long time without anyone having repeating cards.
  • One player reads a scenario out loud, and the other players try to nominate a character to complete the scenario, while at the same time trying to sabotage the characters that their friends are nominating.
  • The player who has the best character is awarded a point while the player with the worst character has to complete a random punishment.

Say Anything

North Star Games Say Anything Party Game | Card Game with Fun Get to Know Questions

  • Great game that is appropriate for younger players who are 13+, but still fun enough for an adult game night.
  • One player reads a question and then all of the other players write down their answer.
  • Once the round leader secretly chooses their answer, the other players all try to guess which one was chosen.
  • Great way to get to know people and to think outside of the box, as the answers are not all preprinted on cards.
  • There are 80 question cards, and as most people like to tell stories while playing this game, this game can last for a very long time.
  • There aren’t any right or wrong answers.

Apples to Apples

  • Players have a hand with seven cards that they have to place down on the table, depending on which card they think is best represented by the adjective played.
  • The round leader then choose the card that best represents the adjective, giving that player a card.
  • The player with the most cards at the end of the game wins.
  • Players take turns being the round leader, which means that everyone is able to join in on the fun and reduces the stress of one person being in charge.
  • Can be as tame or inappropriate as people like, depending on the group and the age of people playing.
  • Great for larger groups.

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