12 Board Games with Teams That Bring Life to the Party

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Looking for board games with teams? Well, you're in the right spot. We've hand selected a list of some of the best options out there to break the ice or just have fun with your current friends.

board games with teams

Let's check them out...


Rollick Party Charades - Charades Played in Reverse - Great for Game Nights and Family Parties - Fun for All Ages

  • Players split into teams in this charades game where they can either play the classic game the usual way or in reverse.

  • Great for everyone 10+, as all of the cards are appropriate for younger children, but still fun for adults to act out, as well.

  • Players have 756 clues to choose from, which means that the game can last for a very long time.

  • Each team has just 60 seconds to try to guess as many clues as possible.

  • Since the entire team works together to act out what is on the cards, there isn’t as much pressure as there is with traditional charades, which is great for people who are shy, as they can more easily enjoy the game.

Family Feud

Spin Master Platinum Family Feud Signature Game, brown/a

  • After splitting into teams, players try to answer questions in this game and come up with the right answers so they will have an opportunity to advance.

  • The team who has the highest score wins the game, which means that everyone needs to be fast on their feet and willing to think outside of the box if they want to have the best results.

  • As players are able to come up with the most popular answers to the questions in the box, then they can help their team earn the most points.

  • In the Fast Money Round, one player from each team will compete for an extra chance to earn even more bonuses, which is a great way to put a team over the top.


Hasbro Gaming Taboo Party Board Game With Buzzer for Kids Ages 13 and Up (Amazon Exclusive)

  • Great for at least four players, but teams can be huge, which means that everyone can enjoy playing without having to wait a very long time for their turn.

  • Includes 450 cards for players to try to act out without accidentally saying the forbidden words that are listed on the cards.

  • The electronic buzzer allows the other team to interrupt a player who accidentally says a word that they aren’t supposed to.

  • Not only are players trying to get their team to guess what word they have, but they have to try to get through as many different words as possible for the highest score.

  • Unlike charades, which involves acting, Taboo requires people to describe their word, which is great for players who aren’t comfortable acting in front of a crowd.

Freedom of Speech

Freedom of Speech, the fun kind - A Party Card Game

  • The goal of this game is for a player to get their team to guess the word that they have on their card without accidentally saying it and giving it away.

  • When a team collects 21 cards, then the game is over and they win.

  • Game is appropriate for adults 18+ due to the inappropriate or dirty words that are included on the cards.

  • With 500 cards, a button timer, and alternative bonus playing rules, this game can be played by large groups over and over without losing its appeal.

  • Larger groups are even more enjoyable, which makes this a great game for a big gathering of friends.

  • The game moves quickly so no player will get bored.

Over the Line

Over The Line Party Game- A Combinaton of Charades & Pictionary Words

  • Players on teams compete against each other to try to get their team to guess the most cards correctly before the time on the timer runs out and it is time for the other team to play.

  • By both acting out or drawing the words on their cards, players try to get their team to guess what word they have.

  • There are 350 cards included in this game, and due to the nature of the cards, it is a game for adults only.

  • The 90-second timer ensures that the game moves quickly and doesn’t stagnant, which is great for larger groups who may otherwise become bored when playing.

  • Since it includes both a dry erase marker and a dry erase board, this game is ready for play at any time.


  • Can be combined with other expansions or the base game, but will stand alone without problems.

  • Takes around 45 to 60 minutes to play, and is great for four or more players, making it great for a large group at a party.

  • Players try to get their friends to guess the name that is on their card.

  • Since teams only have 60 seconds at a time to get through as many cards as possible, the other team isn’t going to be bored while waiting for their turn.

  • There are three rounds, with play getting more difficult on each round.

  • In the first round payers can say anything, in the second they only use one word, in the third they can only act it out.


SEQUENCE- Original SEQUENCE Game with Folding Board, Cards and Chips by Jax ( Packaging may Vary ) White, 10.3' x 8.1' x 2.31'

  • Players compete in teams to try to get five chips placed on the board in a row without allowing their opponents to make their own rows.

  • After a team creates two rows then the game is over, but since teammates aren’t allowed to communicate with each other, this game can be tricky.

  • Players must have a strategy for how they will place their cards and pay attention to what their teammate is doing so that they have the best chance of winning.

  • Certain cards will allow players to remove their opponent’s chips, which is a great way to stop them from being able to create a row.

  • The game is easy to learn how to play, but can take awhile to master.

Sick & Twisted Charades

Wonder Forge Sick & Twisted Charades Party Game for Adults Age 18 & Up - 1,000 Outrageous, Salacious, Hilarious Words to act Out!

  • There are 1,000 words to act out, which is great for a long night of play with a group of people.

  • The twist tiles make players act out words for the team while also participating in additional challenges to make acting it out even more difficult.

  • Challenges such as sitting on the floor while acting or only using one hand, make this game more inventive and fun than the original charades.

  • Teams throw the included soft ball at the acting team when the timer runs out.

  • If the acting team can catch the ball, then they are allowed to keep acting for awhile, otherwise their turn is completely over.

  • Due to the adult nature of the cards included in this game, it is only appropriate for ages 18+.

Back & 4th

Back & 4th - Fast-Paced Fun 4 All Family Games - Perfect for Parties and Game Nights

  • No matter how large the teams are, this game will easily adjust to be a great game for everyone.

  • The high-quality components include a gameboard, game pieces, sand times, and cards.

  • There is a free app time that can be used in place of the sand timer to ensure that everyone hears when it goes off.

  • Players have one minute on the timer and give clues to the teams to help them guess the category on the card.

  • Unlike other guessing games where teams try to guess a specific item, this requires players to think bigger as they try to come up with category names.

  • Simple rules are easy to understand and allow younger children to play.

What Are the Odds?

What are The Odds? by Gatwick Games - Best Party Games for Adults, Large Families, Teens, Kids, and Groups (Party Edition)

  • A great mixture of truth or dare and Russian roulette, this game has players trying to get the other team to act out the dare on the cards.

  • Players must guess lower odds on each round in a strategic attempt to get their opponents to have to complete the dare.

  • The player who does the dare doesn’t get a point, but the person who gives it will.

  • Since players are on teams, there isn’t as much stress or pressure to be the only person trying to convince the other team to take the dare.

  • Teams must be brave to try to outlive the odds as they shrink and need to stand firm with their teammates to avoid having to complete the dares.

Don’t Say It!

Pressman Don't Say It Where a Slip of The Tongue Can Lose You The Game, 2+ Player

  • Each card has a base word, as well as four other words that can’t be used in the description of the base word.

  • Players try to get their teams to say the base word without accidentally using any of the other words on the card.

  • This game is great for younger players as they can cover up some of the additional words on the cards, which will make it easier for them to play.

  • Adults can leave all four words uncovered and try to compete without saying any of them.

  • Great for multiple teams who want to compete against each other.

  • Since play goes so quickly, no team will feel like they have to wait a very long time before they are able to play again.

  • The team who has the most cards that they guessed correctly is the winner of the game.

Phone Phever

Phone Phever Board Game - New Fun Fast-Paced Family-Friendly Party Board Game - It's a Phonetastic Race to Answer Fascinating Trivia Questions & Complete Hilarious Challenges!

  • While this game can be played by individuals, it’s much more fun in teams and will remove a lot of pressure when played in groups.

  • Players choose from 1,200 questions or unique challenges that they have to complete by using their smartphone.

  • Since every player can use their smartphone, there isn’t a lot of pressure for players or teams to know answers off the top of their heads.

  • There are six categories to choose from, including history and technology, movies, TV, law and politics, music, and everything else.

  • As players get answers correct they are able to move their pieces around the board, trying to get everyone on their team to the end to win.

  • Great for any players who have a smartphone or access to one that they can use during the game.