13 Addicting Board Games That Start with R – Have You Seen These?

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Are you trying to find board games that start with R? In this post, we've put together some of the most fun and addicting options that fit the description...

board games that start with r

Let’s check them out – here’s a quick list of our favorites and where to find them

ImageProductWhere to Buy
Hasbro Risk GameRisk

  • Take over the world using cunning, strategy, and a little bit of luck
  • Place markets to designate areas you have occupied
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    Rummikub by Pressman - Classic Edition - The Original Rummy Tile Game, BlueRummikub

  • Similar to Rummy
  • Get rid of tiles by placing them in runs of 3
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    Rubik's Race Game, Head To Head Fast Paced Square Shifting Board Game Based On The Rubiks Cubeboard, for Family, Adults and Kids Ages 7 and UpRubiks Race

  • Each player has a 5x5 slide puzzle missing a tile
  • Players compete to complete the puzzle fast
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    SJG Revolution 2nd Printing Card GameRevolution!

  • Control territories, win points, and collect force tokens, blackmail, and gold
  • Bid against all other players
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    Ricochet RobotsRicochet Robots

  • Players get each robot to a target
  • Game of stragey
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    Hasbro Risk Game

    • This classic board game requires all players to try to take over the world using cunning, strategy, and a little bit of luck.

    • The game is set up to look like the world, and players place their markers to designate the areas that they already occupy.

    • Depending on how many areas they occupy, as well as whether or not they have a whole continent in their control, players get additional pieces on each turn to place on the board.

    • By moving their armies to adjacent territories, they threaten other players, relying on rolling dice to try to take over.

    • Players who take an enemy territory draw a bonus card, and these can be turned in later for more armies.


    Rummikub by Pressman - Classic Edition - The Original Rummy Tile Game, Blue

    • The game is very similar to the card game Rummy in that all players try throughout the game to get rid of the tiles in their hands by placing them in runs of at least three or in groups of three or four.

    • Each tile has a number on it, and the color of the number helps to separate the tiles into “suits.”

    • While the game tends to start out slow, it picks up quickly as more and more players put their tiles on the board, making it difficult to plan ahead for the next move.

    • Scoring occurs after each of three rounds during the game, and players can either earn positive scores or lose points, depending on the moves they made.

    Rubiks Race

    Rubik's Race Game, Head To Head Fast Paced Square Shifting Board Game Based On The Rubiks Cubeboard, for Family, Adults and Kids Ages 7 and Up

    • Every player has a 5x5 slide puzzle that is missing one tile and will compete against the other players in the game in an effort to finish their puzzle before their opponents.

    • A “scramblers” is used at the start of each round to give each player a new design or pattern that they are trying to recreate using their puzzles.

    • Players try to match the 3x3 design on the scrambler with what is in the middle of their puzzle.

    • While the basics of the game are really easy and the game can be played by almost anyone, it’s only through understanding how the pieces slide and move that a player will have a lot of success with this game and be able to win.


    SJG Revolution 2nd Printing Card Game

    • Players bid against each other in an effort to control territories, win points, and collect force tokens, blackmail, and gold.

    • Each player has to decide what is on the board that they will try to control during the game so that they will have the best opportunity to win the most points.

    • While there is strategy involved with this game, it also relies heavily on bluffing opponents and being able to tell when you are being bluffed.

    • Perfect for three to four players, and games generally take under an hour.

    • Thanks to the high quality and brightly colored blocks, it’s easy to see who controls each area of the board and to plan your own attack against your opponents.

    Ricochet Robots

    Ricochet Robots

    • There are many different solutions possible to this game, which tends to be thought of as more of a puzzle and less of a game.

    • The modular board is made from four pieces and forms a large room with walls, and there are color-coded targets that have been placed on the boards.

    • Four robots are placed on top of the board, and players have to try to get each robot to a target on the board that matches its color.

    • Because robots will continue to move until they are stopped by another robot or a wall, players have to have an idea of what events need to occur, and in what order, to get each robot to the correct target.

    Rocket Jockey

    • Set in the future, this game requires players to compete with each other while taking supplies and gear to colonies throughout space.

    • Each player is given two maneuver cards that they can use to maneuver between two planets, as well as four copilot cards.

    • On a turn, a player draws a maneuver card or uses one from the discard or a face-up card to make a run.

    • Using maneuver cards to chain between planets, players must try to navigate the nine planets on the board while picking up and dropping off cargo.

    • Players earn points by connecting planets with their runs and by moving the most cargo.

    • The game ends if aliens reach earth and players have to count their points from deliveries and planets visited.

    Rush Hour Traffic Jam

    ThinkFun Rush Hour Traffic Jam Brain Game and STEM Toy for Boys and Girls Age 8 and Up – Tons of Fun With Over 20 Awards Won, International Bestseller for Over 20 Years

    • Perfect logic game for one player, but great for more to collaborate.

    • The board is set up according to the player’s skill level, and the instruction booklet has a variety of levels to choose from, as well as setup options.

    • Once the board is set up, players must move the vehicle out from the traffic jam and around it to get it off of the board.

    • Each piece on the board can only move in a certain direction, so players must determine their strategy for getting the main piece off of the board.

    • While setup is fairly fast and easy, some of the more difficult levels of this game can take a long time to master.

    Russian Railroads

    • Players compete against each other in an attempt to build the most advanced and largest railway network across Russia.

    • Every player uses their own board and has three rail tracks to different cities, as well as space on the board for factories.

    • Each track uses a different color token so it’s easy for players to keep track of their progress.

    • To make it difficult, tracks must be built in the correct order, and building them will allow the player to unlock new abilities, bonus points, or tiles.

    • The central board is where players put their workers who are used to create all of the supplies that are needed for making tracks, so correct placement and management is key.

    Relic Runners

    Relic Runners

    • This game requires players to take on the role of a character searching for relics that have been lost in a jungle.

    • Each player has a certain character to play and has a colorful past, but they are all working to get their hands on the relics before their opponents do.

    • By navigating paths on the board, players can move their pieces closer to the temples.

    • Some characters have restrictions on how quickly they can move across the board, making this game challenging.

    • When players visit a temple, they take a token.

    • When all tokens are taken, then a relic appears and the next player to visit the temple can take the relic, earning victory points.

    Rivet Wars: Eastern Front Game

    Rivet Wars: Eastern Front Game

    • In this game, players use miniatures and battle on a board game using a combination of WWI fighting techniques with new and improved technology that make battles crazy and intense.

    • While the miniatures are attractive and appealing, this strategy game is full of dark humor and angst.

    • Both players must deploy units during each round to try to counter any threats from their opponent while staying one step ahead.

    • Players must also gather resources and use them to then deploy more units.

    • While the game ebbs and flows as players take turns, it marches slowly towards the final destruction of one player, which means that both need to be prepared for the final battle and to stock up for any surprises that may occur.


    • Driven by cards, this game is easy to set up and to understand, but gameplay tends to take a while, as there are six rounds with three phases in each round.

    • The board has the six districts of Venice, and players compete to place their council members into the districts.

    • With correct council member placement, placing of gondolas, and building bridges and buildings players earn points.

    • During each round, players acquire cards, play them, and then activate buildings to take advantage of the powers that they offer.

    • Players earn points throughout the game, and while it’s important to focus on gaining these points as the game progresses, players must also keep control of gondolas and bridges that they have placed.


    Relic: The Board Game

    • This game is for two to four players and has each player taking the role of a hero who ventures forth to defeat their enemies and complete various missions.

    • During the game, players fight to win experience and rewards, which will help them later in the game to defeat any evil that they encounter.

    • While choices in the game seem straightforward, they mask a number of possibilities, which gives this game great replay value.

    • Every player rolls a dice on their turn, moves, and then draws cards to see what evil they must battle.

    • As players battle their way to the center of the game, they prepare for the final, and most impressive, battle of all.


    • The Black Death has reached Europe and populations are about to be halved.

    • While the plague spreads, players settle in various locations throughout Europe and fight to keep the plague from spreading into their area.

    • Players use Peasants, Monks, Merchants, Knights, Witches, and Kings to try to battle the plague or flee from it.

    • The plague continues to spread while each player figures out their own way to best beat or survive it.

    • At the end of the game the plague subsides and the player who has the highest population that survived is the winner.

    • Each player must come up with their own strategy for being able to survive the plague, but as long as the rats keep coming, they remain in danger.