12 Board Games Like Civilization with Maps, Empire Building and Fun Themes

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If you're looking for empire building style board games like Civilization then you've come to the right place. We've selected 12 different games that involve maps, strategy and the opportunity to advance and create...

board games like civilization

Check out our picks below...

7 Wonders

7 Wonders

  • Perfect for 3 to 7 players, as each person has to try to build their own city by gathering the necessary resources, setting up commercial routes, and forming a stronger military.
  • Players have to draft the cards that they can use, carefully choosing the ones that will help them meet their goals.
  • The fast gameplay means that even when you have 7 players enjoying this game that it will not drag or become boring.
  • Game is separated into 3 different ages, and at the end of the 3rd age, all players will score the points that they have based on military conflicts as well as the cards that they hold to determine who the winner is.

Clash of Cultures

Clash Of Cultures

  • Designed for 2 to 4 players, and each one will have to try to turn a small settlement into a large empire and take over the world.
  • Players can’t just focus on improving their city, as they also need to research advancements that will help them improve their standing in the game while still conquering others who will try to stop them.
  • Game features 48 different advances for players to explore and is very flexible so that players never run into dead ends with the game.
  • Settlers have to decide on the benefits that different types of buildings and cities will afford them when making their moves so that they can come up with a strategic way to win.


Innovation Board Game

  • Takes around 1 hour for 2 to 4 players to finish the game.
  • There are a number of different expansions available for players who want to increase the abilities in the game, enjoy new gameplay, and expand their world.
  • Players have to be daring, plan ahead, and come up with unique tactics in order to create their own civilization that is better than the ones that their opponents are able to make.
  • In order to win, players must score different achievements that can be obtained by gaining a number of points when certain innovations are built.
  • Cards represent different ideas, technology, and cultural advancements that players need to create for their civilization, which makes it difficult to sometimes get the necessary cards, so players need to be able to think on their feet and change their plan for domination.

Through the Ages

Czech Games Through The Ages: A New Story of Civilization

  • Changes to the original game have been made that keep the same gameplay, but this has improved the way that the game functions.
  • Enjoy new art, better mechanics, including a less random military development system, and rebalanced cards for easier and more fair gameplay.
  • Players have a small tribe of people that they have to try to expand to create the largest and best civilization out of all of the opponents.
  • By mining and farming, players are able to get the necessary resources that they use in creating and expanding their cities.
  • Players have to make sure that they have powerful armies, are skilled politically, and keep their citizens happy in order to have the best opportunity to win this game, but even then, they can fall to another player who has better planning and strategy.

Twilight Imperium

Twilight Imperium 4th Edition Board Game | Strategy Board Game for Adults and Teens | Adventure Game | Ages 14 and up | 3-6 Players | Average Playtime 4-8 Hours | Made by Fantasy Flight Games

  • Set in space, players have to face each other in a bid to create their own galactic opera, and they try to obtain all of the necessary resources while working around each other.
  • Game features more than 1,000 components, and thanks to the massive size of the game as well as the random board setup, there isn’t any chance that you will end up playing the same game twice.
  • Players have control of unique civilizations that have their own pros and cons as they try to become rulers in the galaxy, relying on allegiances, war, trade, and politics to try to gain control.
  • Each faction has certain features that will set it apart from others in the game and ensure that players all enjoy a new experience when playing.
  • While there are many different paths that can be taken to achieve victory, only one player will be able to win.


Stronghold Games Nations The Dice Game Board Games

  • Each player will enjoy about 10 to 15 minutes of play time with this game, and it can be played by 1 to 4 people.
  • Players have to roll dice and collect cards in order to build their civilization and attempt to become the strongest one in the game.
  • All players need to focus not only on trying to become the strongest player, but also in fighting other nations and even nature in order to win.
  • Providing food, building an economy, and creating achievements to impress the rest of the world are all important as players try to rule the world and become the most-loved nation.


Asmodee Eclipse Board Game

  • 2 to 6 player are in control of a huge interstellar civilization and try to compete against rivals for success and to be the strongest in the galaxy.
  • Enjoy expansion packs when you want to improve the way that the game plays and ensure that you have the power and weapons that you want to achieve your goals.
  • Players must rule one of 7 major species by expanding territory through exploring, trying to colonize areas, coming up with new technology, and creating massive spaceships that are durable and powerful enough to withstand battles and war.
  • While this is a very involved game, the gameplay moves quickly enough that players will stay interested.



Matagot Cyclades


  • Players will enjoy around 90 minutes of play in this game of conquest while they try to become the ruler of the strongest group of people in the game.
  • All players have to work hard to recruit new troops for their armies, build ships, cities, and fortresses that can be used to protect themselves and their people.
  • Not only will players control soldiers, but they also have philosophers and will experience dealing with mythological creatures and even gods throughout the game.
  • The first player who is able to build 2 megalopolis is the winner, but players need to be careful and keep their eyes on their opponents, as it is easy for anyone to suddenly take the victory for themselves at the end of the game.

Roll Through the Ages: The Iron Age

Eagle-Gryphon Games EAG01439 Roll Through The Ages Iron Age Dice Game

  • Perfect game for between 1 and 4 players to play, and even when used as a solo game, it is very enjoyable and can be challenging.
  • Players have to decide how they are going to best build their civilization, focusing on ports and ships for trading, armies to conquer others, and cities to house their people.
  • Stretching resources too thin and focusing on too many things at once is a fast way to lose the game.
  • Players get to explore strategies used by Rome, Greece, and Phoenicia as they deal with disasters, feed their people, and erect monuments in their cities.
  • There are dice, including a fate die, that will play a huge role in the luck that each player has in the game and whether or not they are able to emerge victorious.


Rio Grande Games Antike Duellum

  • 2 players battle it out in a question to control their ancient civilization.
  • Romans can play against Carthaginians, and Persians can play against the Greeks.
  • Each player will start the game with 3 cities in their possession, and each is able to produce the resources gold, marble, and iron.
  • With these resources, players will work hard to develop their own civilization and to rule the area.
  • Towns have to not only build walls to protect themselves against others who may harm them, but they must also equip their army, recruit more soldiers, and found new cities.
  • The first player who is able to control 9 personages is the winner.

History of the World

History of the World

  • Players are in charge of different civilizations and have to make the best use of the attributes that their particular civilization has in order to build themselves a kingdom and rule the world.
  • Each player has to try to inspire their citizens, create technological advances, and deal with calamities in their attempt to rule the world.
  • All players take turns playing, giving everyone a fair chance to win.
  • With more than 190 high-quality plastic pieces, it’s easy for all players to see where they have taken over and command and move their troops.
  • Designed for 3 to 6 people to play, this game provides between 2 and 3 hours of intense and fun gameplay.

Mare Nostrum

Mare Nostrum - Empires Boardgame

  • Includes incredible components that are designed not only to be very attractive, but also to be durable and last for a long time.
  • Game rules are very logical and are easy to understand, which means that players won’t have a lot of problem teaching the game to new players or understanding how to take turns.
  • Designed for 3 to 5 players to enjoy 90 minute games.
  • Players have to lead their empires to try to take over the ancient world.
  • Expanding influence will allow players to take over more land, and this is accomplished by winning glory and fame.
  • Players must build new temples and cities, build markets, and extend trade caravans to win.

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